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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2006|07:50 pm]
New York Knicks Community

"I sure as hell don't take it as Isiah against [the fans] and I hope you guys give me the benefit of the doubt in your reporting that you don't make it Isiah against [the fans] or them against [Isiah]," Thomas said. "They're disappointed in the Knicks team, but I also think they're very happy about the future that the Knicks hold."

As if we needed more evidence of how out of touch with reality Isiah is. Yeah some future, being over the salary cap for years to come, being stuck with Marbury, Francis, and Jerome James. Some future!
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Why Nate Robinson... why? [Nov. 30th, 2006|08:22 pm]
New York Knicks Community

I know we won the game... but that bounce pass to himself on the dunk... why would you do that? It just shows how bad the discpline is on this team. And Isiah kept him in the game? It's just ridiculous. Frankly, just watching this, and watching the fact that Knicks' players were LAUGHING? It's embarassing.

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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2006|10:07 pm]
New York Knicks Community

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nate the great.

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Best Press Conference Moments [Nov. 17th, 2006|03:01 pm]
New York Knicks Community

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[music |"Talk," Coldplay]

I'm very upset about Fox Sports doing a "Best Press Conference Moments of All Time" feature on "The Best Damn Sports Show." Why? Because I had been saying for years that some company should put out a DVD of the greatest soundbites from press conferences or interviews of all time (assuming they could clear all the various legal hurdles). Anyway, some of the obvious chapters would be:

- Jim Mora's "Playoffs?!" and "We couldn't do diddly-poo" double meltdown, both of which led to his imminent departure from the Colts and Saints, respectively.
- Allen Iverson's "Practice? We're talking about practice, man!" ode to hard work.
- Bob Knight showing off his "Game Face" and talking about how women getting raped should just enjoy it.
- Roy Williams yelling at Bonnie Bernstein after the 2003 NCAA Championships when his Kansas team lost to Syracuse saying that "he could give a shit about the Carolina job." You could pair this with Williams's press conference a few weeks later accepting the Carolina job.
- Any of Mike Tyson's various interviews. Want to see Mike singing "Slim Shady" over and over again like a maniac? Want to hear about how Mike wants to eat Lennox Lewis's children? How about when he wanted to "fade into Bolivian?" Or when he threatened to anally-rape some reporter after he set off a melee with Lennox Lewis?" Hell, he could probably have his own DVD.
- A montage of Dick Vermeil crying during post-game press conferences. Trent Green ruptured his ACL and went down for the year? See Dick bawl like a baby. Rams win the Super Bowl? See Dick shed tears of joy. Dick retired while serving as coach of the Rams? See Dick weep wistfully. Dick un-retired to join the Chiefs? See Dick cry tears of anticipation and apprehension. The cafeteria ran out of chocolate milk? You don't want to see Dick then...
- John Cheney trying to kill John Calipari. John Cheney once sent a scrub into the game specifically to take out another team's player. Imagine what he could do to Calipari. Although you never know. Calipari's probably connected in his own right.
- Drew Rosenhaus dodging questions on T.O.'s front lawn the way T.O. dodges responsibility for everything bad in his life. "Next question."
- Shaq's got a few gems, too. Witness him questioning the collective manhood of the Sacramento Kings - er Queens. Vlade? Fouled out on purpose. Webber? Didn't want to shoot. Christie? Couldn't make any shots. Pollard? He can't play anyway. Shaq's interviews aren't always malicious. Sometimes, he can be forgetful. Like after he got traded to the Heat and he was asked about Kobe Bryant, only to respond that he didn't know that person. Or when he gave himself so many nicknames (like "The Big Aristotle," or "The Big Baryshnikov," or M.D.E (Most Dominant Ever), or "L.C.L." (Last Center Left), or Superman, or most recently after earning his MBA, Doctor Shaq - even though you don't really get a doctor's title with an MBA, but whatever) that he can't keep track anymore of what his current moniker is. He can also be bilingual as well, like when he started speaking Chinese-sounding gibberish to taunt Yao Ming. Shaq could probably get his own DVD as well.
- Charles Barkley expressing remorse for throwing someone out of the first-floor window of a bar by lamenting the fact that they weren't on a higher floor.
- Shannon Sharpe insinuating that Ray Buchanan was a cross-dresser, accusing Kerry Collins of stealing money, and coming to Ray Lewis's rescue when a reporter during Media Week dared ask about Ray-Ray's murder case. Gotta taunt those with gender-confusion and rail against people who steal, but question someone who was accused of murder? Absolutely not.
- Deion Sanders talking about how he felt like a pregnant woman out on the football field. I'm still not sure what the context of this quote was, but it was pretty funny. Deion Sanders's "Must be the Money" video could be an extra on the DVD (say what you want about the video and Deion's weird half-rap/half-singing that made him sound like he was constipated, but this video, which features club-hopping, hedonistic activities involving expensive cars and hot-tubs, cash, and hoochies, predates all of P-Diddy's videos. Could Diddy have gotten his inspiration from Deion? Hmm...).
- Rick Pitino digging his own grave in Boston when he told the press that Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish weren't coming through that door. Thankfully for the Celts, Marty Conlon, Alaa Abdelnaby, Vin Baker, and Greg Kite didn't come through the door either.
- Rafael Palmeiro shaking his finger at Congress during the Steroid Hearings, followed by Mark McGwire not wanting to talk about the past, and Sammy Sosa pretending not to understand English. Tweedle-dum, Tweedle-dumber, and Tweedle-dumbest.
- A montage of Bill Parcells and Larry Brown during their respective stops in New England, New York (Jets), Dallas, Indiana, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York (Knicks), promising that each specific job on the aforementioned list would be their last.
- Warren Sapp comparing himself to a slave. Hey, Warren, if you think you're a slave, then you should give up your multimillion dollar salary. Or better yet, give it to me.

I think this would be a best seller. Any others I forgot?
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2006|02:14 pm]
New York Knicks Community

[mood |mellowmellow]

this was taken before warm-ups.
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2006|11:32 am]
New York Knicks Community

Home-court disadvantage

At the Garden, Thomas says, there is pressure only on the home team: "It's the only arena as a player where the visiting team never gets booed. The attention and the applause and the venom is always directed at the home team. So for a visiting team, it's always a comfortable place to play because nobody really pays any attention to you. It's not like going to Chicago or Detroit or Boston."


Keep on alienating the fans Isiah.
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ain't i a hater? [Nov. 4th, 2006|06:38 pm]
New York Knicks Community

Remember all the speculation about Joe Torre's job after the Yankees lost to Detroit last month? Some, particularly in the media were openly forecasting Torre's firing and were surprised when it didn't pan out.

But really, in the New York sports scene it's only fair. No way should Joe Torre get fired before Isiah Thomas. Of course if Torre worked for Jim Dolan he would have immediately recieved a contract extenstion and additonal (GM) responsibilities.

Isiah Thomas has a huge hand in the demise of the Knicks but the very start of their downfall can be traced to Jim Dolan receiving more and more autonomy from Daddy in running the Knicks (and the Rangers for that matter). Both the Knicks and the Rangers lead their respective leagues in payrolls while repeatedly finishing up in the cellar.

So have the Fire Isiah chants started at the Garden in the homeopener yet?
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Huh? [Nov. 1st, 2006|10:20 pm]
New York Knicks Community

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[music |"From the East Coast, to the West Coast..."]

Usually, when an NBA player signs a max contract (or a long-term contract at close to maximum dollars), they're usually untradable throughout the duration of the contract, except for the final year. During the last year, they become more valuable than crack in the Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown home (still can't get over that breakup...). For instance, last year, the Knicks traded Penny Hardaway to the Orlando Magic even though he was injured and had long since stopped being a productive player in the NBA. However, since he was in the last year of his contract, the Magic eagerly snapped him up knowing that they would then have millions in cap space to spend on potential free agents and draft picks. They didn't really use much of it this past offseason, but they can save it for next summer when they also lose Grant Hill's contract. Vince Carter will be a free agent, and they can lock up Dwight Howard and Darko Milicic in one fell swoop.

So why, oh why, would the Knicks waive Jalen Rose knowing that he is in the last year of his onerous contract? Are you telling me that no other team was willing to trade for Rose knowing that they would be getting 16 million in cap space after the season? Are you telling me that the Knicks, who clearly covet Kenyon Martin (because the team isn't dysfunctional enough as it is right now), couldn't make a deal with the Nuggets, who clearly don't want K-Mart around anymore? Are you telling me that Isiah, who's always looking for a way to get big-name stars that generate big-time headlines, couldn't wait until the trade deadline to see if he could use Rose's expiring contract to pry someone like Kevin Garnett away from Minnesota?

Basically, Isiah traded for Jalen Rose during a time when Rose was almost untradeable. Now, he fails to trade Jalen Rose during a time when Rose's trade value is at its highest. That's kind of like a guy who's so desperate and horny that he hits on a nun, but then when Tara Reid or some other drunken bimbo throws herself at him, he turns her down. Kudos to Isiah!

Of course, that's not even the dumbest move he's made recently. I still can't fathom giving $30 million to Jared Jeffries. Nor can I can understand why he didn't try and give himself as much payroll flexibility as possible (i.e. not trading for Steve Francis) so that he could make a run at Lebron. I don't understand. I guess that's why they pay him the big bucks and why I'm stuck in a crappy job.
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NBA Preview - The Leave Your Guns at Home Edition [Oct. 31st, 2006|11:45 am]
New York Knicks Community

[mood |boredbored]
[music |John Mellencamp, "This is Our Chevy- I Mean Country"]

Pacers' Jackson Fires Gun at Strip Club

Celts' Telfair Denies Role in Shooting of Rapper Fabolous

Wizards’ Arenas Arrested for Disobeying Police:
Guard Reportedly Says 'You Can't Arrest Me. I'm a Basketball Player.'

Redick Apologizes After DUI Arrest

Former Raptor Lonny Baxter Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge

NBA Action. It's FANNN-TASTIC!!! Especially if you're a lawyer.

You know things are going badly for the NBA when the commissioner feels the need to release a statement asking NBA players to leave their guns at home. You'd think that this kind of logic wouldn't need to be spelled out for anyone, but in a league where Stephen Jackson fires a gun into the air during a fight outside a strip club, and then expresses shock when he's arrested, I guess David Stern had no choice. I don't see this statement having much of an impact, though. After all, asking an NBA player to leave his guns at home is like asking Paris Hilton to join a convent. Besides, as John Saunders pointed out, leaving the gun at home can also be a recipe for disaster. Just ask Jayson Williams.

The NBA - I Love This Game!!

Anyway here are some random musings for the upcoming 2006-2007 Season:

Is Kobe psychotic?
First, he nicknames himself "Black Mamba" because he felt that the deadly, venomous, ruthless nature of the snake befitted his demeanor on the basketball court (either that or he thought he looked like Uma Thurman). Oh yeah, he was still facing rape charges at the time. Now he takes "24" as his jersey number after having been "8" since arriving in the NBA. What, is he trying to be like Jack Bauer now? Will he torture his opposing defenders using his shoelaces, a sweat-soaked towel, and air from the basketball? Will he single-handedly and selflessly thwart league-wide conspiracies and plots which, if successful, would be disasterous for the welfare of the NBA? Will he scream at his teammates if the clock is running out and demand the ball saying: "Dammit! Give me the ball! We're out of time!" Actually, I can see that happening. I've also heard that it may be Kobe's way of one-upping Jordan, which would only be natural. I mean, Kobe was positively Jordan-esque last year. Witness the 35.4 PPG Average, the 81 point outburst against the Raptors, and the wonderful performance in the playoffs last year when he quit on his team in the second-half of Game 7 against the Suns. Hell, Jordan never did the last two things, so I guess Kobe is better than Jordan! Long live the Mamba!

Will the Knicks be Worse this Year?
It's hard to imagine that they'll be worse than they were last year. However, this year's squad could do it. As bad of a job that Larry Brown did last year with his numerous starting lineups, his strange in-game rotations, and his constant criticisms of his players to the press (witness "Starbury"), Thomas could very well do worse as coach. Remember, this is the coach that loved using players for 30 minutes in one game and then DNP'ing them the next game when he was with Indiana. Thomas underachieved as a coach of one of the most talented teams in the East during his time with the Pacers, so much so that the year after he left, the same team (with Scot Pollard replacing Brad Miller - a huge downgrade in any calculation), won 61 games under Rick Carlisle. Another thing that people don't really talk about is how Thomas may have encouraged Ron Artest to act out, hoping to turn Artest into the Dennis Rodman of the Pacers. Instead, he may have turned Artest into some combination of Mike Tyson, DMX, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Or at least, Bill Laimbeer.
Anyway, there is some optimism in New York because, on paper, it would seem as if they have too much talent. Starbury seems determined to rebound from last year. They'll have Steve Francis for a full year. Channing Frye was looking good before he got injured. Renaldo Balkman is better than advertised and should become a Garden favorite. However, this is still a team that won't play defense, pass the ball, or dominate the paint. Eddy Curry is still a lazy, unmotivated stiff (with a ticker that could give out at any moment). Starbury and Franchise are still me-first players that don't make their teammates better (and we haven't even talked about Jamal Crawford or Nate Robinson - two additional shoot-first point guards). The Knicks still have too many small forwards and point guards and not enough size in the middle. This team will challenge for the worst record in the league and should be the odds on favorite to secure the #1 spot in the Greg Oden Sweepstakes. Oh, wait a minute...

Why Is Lebron on TV All the Time?
Lebron might be turning into the NBA's version of Peyton Manning. Between "The Lebrons," the "Witness" ads, the Sprite ads with mini-Lebron, and random "Sportscenter" and "NBA on TNT/ABC/or ESPN" ads, I can't get away from King James. Lebron is not particularly charismatic, but he does have a pretty good sense of humor, so those "Lebrons" ads work fairly well. Of course, I'm worried that this will turn into a Clinton Portis thing where Lebron does his postgame press conferences in character as either Young Lebron, Old Lebron, or Ego-Driven Diva Lebron (who I think looks a little like R. Kelly - hopefully, he doesn't celebrate victories like R. Kelly would). I wonder how Dwyane Wade feels. After all, D-Wade was the one who won the ring. Of course, one commercial that you don't see featuring Lebron is "Lebron James, you've just won the Gold Medal at the World Basketball Championships. What are you going to do now?" Another you won't see: "Lebron James, you've just won the NBA Championship. What are you going to do now?"

Who Will Win the Title?
What? A substantive question?! I don't know how to answer this one.
Actually, I do. Out East, the top teams will be Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and New Jersey. The Nets are intriguing, but Jason Kidd is getting older. Additionally, they're a perimeter-oriented team and lack a strong inside presence or a bench. They'll get to the playoffs, but probably won't last too long. On the plus side, Vince Carter will be motivated since he's in a contract year, and they have a weak division. Cleveland is too dependant on Lebron and should run into the same problems that they encountered against Detroit. If Larry Hughes stays healthy, the Cavs will improve from last year. Don't think title just yet, though. Detroit will lose a lot of defense as a result of Ben Wallace's defection. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if Billups remains a team player or whether he starts trying to pad his own stats because he's in a contract year. Chicago improved a lot, but they still have no low-post presence. That leaves Miami. If Shaq and Zo stay healthy, and Wade's wheels don't fall off after last year's extended playoff run and off season of training and playing with the US Team, then Miami should win the East. My prediction is that Shaq gets hurt and Wade misses time as well so Miami squeaks into the playoffs. Once they're in, though, watch out... They can beat any team in the East in the 7 game series.
In the West, meanwhile, we're looking at San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, and Denver. George Karl's act might be wearing thin on the Nuggets. I could see this team imploding this year and Karl getting fired midway through the season. They should have traded Kenyon Martin in the off season because he'll be a distraction. Additionally, Camby will get hurt again, which will adversely affect their team defense. Houston is everyone's sleeper this year. T-Mac is healthy. Yao, who was the best center in the league during the second half of the season until he got hurt, is healthy. Shane Battier is an excellent utility player who gives you hustle, defense, energy, leadership, and the occasional three-pointer. He's the kind of guy you win championships with. Bonzi Wells is a head case, but so far he's said and done all the right things. He's also gambling on a short-term contract this year in the hopes of playing well and rehabilitating his reputation and then cashing in next year. There are too many question marks with this team, though. Same with Phoenix. If Amare Stoudamire is healthy, then they could go all the way (although I'm not convinced that Boris Diaw will be as effective with Amare in the lineup). If he comes back a shadow of his previous self, then not only will the Suns face long odds but no one will ever get that microfracture surgery ever again. The Suns got to the Western Conference Finals last year without Amare, and most of the key pieces of that team are coming back. Still, they need a healthy Amare if they want to get over that hump. Dallas will be good again, as will San Antonio. Neither of those teams have any glaring weaknesses (although Dallas doesn't pass well and San Antonio might pass too much). Duncan will be back and looking to avenge last year's loss. That's good enough for me. San Antonio was looking unbeatable during the early part of last season when they had the likes of Finley, Horry, Van Exel, and Barry coming off the bench. Van Exel's gone, but they still have the others, along with the likes of Matt Bonner and Beno Udrih. I think ultimately, San Antonio will take the West.

Finals: San Antonio over Miami in 6 games.
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Dream On [Oct. 14th, 2006|05:33 pm]
New York Knicks Community

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[music |"Dream On," Aerosmith]

Title on Isiah's Mind

Additionally, Isiah hopes to be able to fly, walk on water, and run faster than a speeding bullet. I wonder what title he was talking about. Maybe the WNBA title.

Seriously, I have a better chance of winning the lottery, stealing Eva Longoria away from Tony Parker, and losing 40 pounds than the Knicks have of winning the NBA title.

Anyway, if Isiah wins a title with this crew, then he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame immediately. Either that, or we'll know that he sold his soul to the Devil.
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