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N.Y. Knicks Are Back!! Next Stop The Playoffs!! - New York Knicks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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N.Y. Knicks Are Back!! Next Stop The Playoffs!! [Apr. 17th, 2013|10:04 pm]
New York Knicks Community


I'm watching the New York Knicks back up players smack around the Atlanta Hawks and loving it. Earlier today I had a argument with my idiot Ex. She said that the Knicks wouldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs this year. I told her enough already with the taunting B.S. as she's a idiotic Brooklyn Nets fan. She wouldn't relent with her painful taunts and ugly thoughts. I just about had enough of her guff and finally told her if she didn't shut her pie hole I would shut it for her. This dumb bitch kept on going. She said that Carmello Anthony was not a physical player and that he was over rated. Then she squawked how Tyson Chandler won't be back for the playoffs and how he was a dirty p[layer. That is when I had enough of her poison. I slashed her across the neck with an open hand or as it is called in martial arts 'a knife hand' she couldn't breath for a moment or two and that's when I stood over her yelling in her face "say it again bitch go again and say it again" I left when she got up crying and ran into the bathroom and locked herself in there. I told her as I was leaving, ''as soon as you come out I'll be here waiting to really make you cry you rotten bitch".... I hate that witch of a woman. She was only good for the occasional suck job and not much else. She's a heartless pill head who lives for Xanax. I really would like to crack her skull wide open. She got me hooked on ModeAlert. I was a speed freak because I needed a handful of pills just to get away from the bitch. I've been off the Nyquil for months now but feel like hitting a bottle right now just to calm my nerves. I should have rang her fucking bell. I'm very upset.

This is why she is my Ex, I really hate these arrogant Net fans. Ok, let's go Knicks!!